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Family dental care, Dentist Canton Michigan



Your family’s oral hygiene is important to us. We use the latest technology such as digital X-rays and computerized charts and records to make sure you receive the best treatment. Dr. Read and our highly skilled hygienists will give you expert oral exams, teeth cleanings, and cancer screenings. We provide a wide variety of dental services to maintain quality oral health care management for our patients.

Sealants, Splints, Fillings & Teeth Whitening

Sealants: Sealants are generally applied to children’s teeth after the permanent teeth have erupted to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are a white plastic resin that is applied to the top surface of the tooth and bonds into the groove. When a tooth is sealed, the grooves become smooth and less likely to harbor bacteria and plaque.

Bite splints (for TMJ): TMJ/TMD can be a variety of conditions that affect jaw muscles and can cause facial pain and headaches. We offer custom-made bite splints to reduce pain and treat TMJ/TMD.

Restorative fillings: Amalgam (silver) bonding (white/tooth colored) – When a filling is needed, one of our hygienists and Dr. Read will discuss in detail the pros and cons of each option. The patient then can decide how they would like to proceed.

Teeth Whitening :Stained teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. We offer a teeth-whitening service to help bring your smile back with brilliant,white teeth. We offer customized trays with a whitening gel to help get your teeth back to the color you want, however in keeping with our practice policy of being practical. Crest Whitening Strips often will brighten your teeth to your satisfaction for a lot less money.

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