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Dentures: Replacing Missing Teeth and Surrounding Tissues - Dr. Douglas Read D.D.S

Dentures: Replacing missing teeth and surrounding tissues

Reclaim your smile and get dentures from Dr. Read, who specializes in creating the perfect fit for your mouth with dentures and partial dentures. We make it easy and stress free!


a2Have you ever hid your smile because you felt self-conscious about one or more missing teeth? Have you had trouble eating because you couldn’t chew properly? Have you declined saying something because you didn’t feel you could say it properly? Missing teeth may cause you to pull away from opportunities and interactions; our office is committed to rebuilding your smile! So if you’re missing teeth, Dentures, Bridges or Partial Dentures are all procedures we offer to restore your smile.

For those who have lost teeth to decay, periodontal (gum) disease, or simply to accidents, dentures will restore your smile and your confidence. Whether it’s a full or partial arch, with Dr. Read you’ll be in good hands. For 10 years he taught students to make dentures and partial dentures while at the University of Michigan. Dr. Read personally designs all his partial dentures with special attention to detail before sending them to the lab for final fabrication. This ensures a comfortable custom fit. Every denture and partial denture is personally tailored to you in regards to shading for the teeth and tissue, as well as the shape and design to make your smile appear completely natural. With models made before the teeth are removed, you’ll go home the day of your procedure with your new dentures firmly in place.

From the time you come in for a regular checkup and a concern is identified, through the removal and fitting of your new teeth, to the post-op healing and check-ups for any adjustments, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Correcting any concerns early will save you from damage and stress to your remaining teeth down the road. Make an appointment today and enjoy brilliant smiles in photos and being able to comfortably eat the foods you love for years to come. Together, we’ll reclaim your smile!

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